Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Waterways and Water Woes - Your opportunity to ask questions!

Waterways and Water Woes

October 28, 7 PM,

Schubert Centre, 3505 30th Ave. Vernon

Have you been concerned about the damages done to our lakes and rivers by too many boats, ATVs on wetlands, grey and black water discharges, etc....?

Have you wondered why we don't have better regulations? If so, this is your opportunity to come and suggest solutions and ask questions.

This Thursday October 28th at 7 PM, SENS will be holding an evening to identify the problems and solutions that exist on our waterways, ranging from Sugar Lake to Shuswap lake and including Kalamalka Lake.

There will be a panel of "Water Stewards" and a panel of "Regulators" so we can all be aware of the solutions that have been tried, those that are in process, and those that have yet to be enacted.

Please forward this email to all persons and groups you know who are working at improving the safety and the cleanliness of our lakes, creeks and rivers. All are welcome. Admission is free.

WHERE: Schubert Centre, 3505 30th Avenue, Vernon

WHEN: 7 PM to 9 PM. Thursday, October 28th

A panel will address the problems that exist on local lakes and rivers, ranging from motorboats affecting salmon spawning areas, threatening the security of swimmers, kayakers and tubers, discharging grey and black water, as well as the increasing impacts of ATVs in wetlands and other problems related to the safety of our water.

Advisors from Transport Canada and the Regional District will inform us as to the regulations that can help solve these problems.

SPrKL Director and Coldstream Council member, Maria Besso, will be on the panel discussing issues concerning Kalamalka Lake.

SPrKL members and others concerned, please join the discussion, ask questions and/or suggest solutions!



VernonResident said...

Perhaps the City of Vernon could be invited to explain why so many properties in the Landing are still on septic and affecting Okanagan lake water quality?

Enough SENS to tackle the tough questions? Or, just make it easy on ourselves by pointing our fingers at all those darn ATVs and motorboats!

It takes far more effort to try and understand the impact the City's spray irrigation program may be having on our local lakes, or to consider changing how we think about, and deal with, our wastewater, or what priorities we set for beneficial water re-use, or what we consider to be beneficial.

And while I'm scoring popularity points... new regulations will not do anything to stop those problem ATVers and boat operators who don't abide by existing regulations in the first place!

Anonymous said...

Polution exists in many form: noise pollution is a concern that many communities are having to address.

One boater, ATVer etc can disturb a day filled with birdsong or the sound of leaves rustling.

We live in a frenetic time, we all have the right to hear nature and our own thoughts.

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