Saturday, October 2, 2010

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Anonymous said...

I would like to see the information Coldstream councillors are using to claim that boats are causing an enviromental impact and affecting drinking water.Once again I quote the head water quality technician from this area "boats have virtually nil impact on drinking water and are just an easy target".

I don't see Coldstream banning farming and people living on or near our watersheds which has a way higher impact on our water.Perhaps we should cull all the waterfowl which are having the biggest impact according to actual studies. I recently witnessed a lakeside owner instructing their kids just to shovel their dog's feces into the water.

Farming is a neccasary industry and the upcoming boating economic impact study will also show that boating has a huge economic impact on this area.

Coldstream's philosophy to move all boats over to Okanagan Lake is another example of "not in my backyard".

Boaters also have to be more considerate of staying clear of swimming areas and keeping their speed and stereos down close to shore and the busier north end of the lake.

I think there is just a push by some non-boaters to eliminate boats from Kal Lake because they don't like anyone else having fun!

Anonymous said...

they have no evidence thats why. And I ask these people that claim its so bad for the lake to have boats using it.....why then is it OK for Okanagan lake?

VernonResident said...

Yep, and the old "but Kal is our water supply" argument is another NIMBYism, Okanagan Lake is also a water supply for communities south of Vernon.

Water protection efforts should focus on those factors that are already affecting lake water quality: poorly serviced or failing septic tanks, and agricultural runoff (not necessarily directly derived from agricultural activities, but from excess irrigation that runs off over agricultural land and into the lake)

From the Okanagan Basin Sustainable Water Strategy:
"At present, non-point sources are the major inputs of nutrients to waters in the Basin. As shown in Figure 2-12, background loadings (watershed runoff, precipitation, and dustfall) represent about 60 percent of the non-point source loading to the lakes, while non-point anthropogenic inputs (septic tanks, agriculture, and forestry) represent about 40 percent of the phosphorus inputs."

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