Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Anonymous letter re: Kekuli Boat Launch.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post

"GVAC meeting - October14, 2010. -- Kekuli Bay Boat Launch...":

hey Coldstreamer you are always spouting off about boats causing enviromental damage to the lake...where is your proof?

You consider peeing in the lake enviromental damage? According to the people that actually know anything about the subject, boats have very little enviromental impact on the lake and especially no impact on our drinking water.

Call the people that actually test and determine what is affecting the drinking water and they will tell you YOU ARE WRONG!

There are far greater concerns but small minded people like you and the current bunch of Coldstream councillors feel content to sit back and blame it all on boaters.

Get a life and quit interferring with mine!

Do your research and back up your claims or just get on to complaining about something else.

Your unfounded attack on boating is growing old.

The above literary masterpiece was sent to me by an anonymous admirer in response to my post announcing the proposal to increase the Kekuli Bay boat launch facilities. Note subject: increase the boat launching facilities.

His response: “Get a life and quit interferring with mine!”

Obviously anonymous’ beef is not the lack of boat launching facilities but the “shortage”of boat launching at Kalavista where anonymous would have maximum interference with residents’ enjoyment of their properties.

Obviously, anonymous has a different definition of pollution than most of us do. Boats do not pollute despite burning up large quantities of fuel. Peeing, defecating into the water appears to be OK. Inconveniencing others is just par for the course. Nothing would satisfy anonymous but increasing the Kalavista boat launch to satisfy all comers regardless of finances and inconvenience to residents.

Council must consider all factors not just the convenience of boaters. Council has worked with GVAC and the Provincial Parks Branch to try to provide more boat launching facilities. We succeeded, enjoy the benefits!

And in future, use your spell checker!


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