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"Drunken captain of ship seized in Strait gets short prison term

By Chris Tucker/Peninsula Daily News

TACOMA -- Skippering a 590-foot freighter in the Strait of Juan de Fuca while legally drunk gets you 14 days in prison, six months of supervised release and a six-month ban from U.S. waters....(read more)

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Photos of the Highway 6 announcement and the Duteau Creek Water Treat ment Plant

Highway 6 announcements (photos by Councillor Besso).


Duteau Creek Water Treatment Plant Opening Ceremonies (photos by Councillor Besso).


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October 29, 2010


October 31, 2010


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Highway 6 Upgrade Announced -- KISS FM

Written by Peter McIntyre Friday, 29 October 2010 11:14

MLA Eric Foster and Coldstream Mayor Jim Garlick unveil preliminary design of Highway 6 realignment at news conference at the Coldstream Ranch (P.McIntyre)A safety upgrade has been announced for a dangerous section of Highway 6 between Vernon and Lumby.

However, when the work will actually take place, is still unknown.

Vernon Monashee MLA Eric Foster says two kilometres of the highway between Ricardo and Grey Roads will be realigned, with the part by the Coldstream Ranch becoming a frontage road.

A new railway crossing will be constructed, and there will be improvements and left turn lanes added to the intersections of Grey, Kalamalka and Ricardo Roads.

The project will also provide wider shoulders for cycling and pedestrians and improve drainage and fish passage under the road.

Foster talked about the budget at the news conference at the Coldstream Ranch.

"Somewhere between 12 and 15 million dollars is the projected number right now. We're in the early stages, but that's the long term budgeting plan."

Crash records show there's been 119 reported accidents in that area over the last ten years, and local politicians have been lobbying the province for funding for, by some estimates, 20 years.

Foster says the planning and land acquisition is expected to take place in 2011, with construction to start possibly in 2012, and completion perhaps in 2014.

Foster says the windy section between Grey and Aberdeen roads, could be part of a future phase.

"You do the worst first, and this is certainly the worst part of the road, so we'll do that first, get it built, and start working on the next stuff."

Photo: MLA Eric Foster and Coldstream Mayor Jim Garlick unveil preliminary design of Highway 6 realignment at news conference at the Coldstream Ranch (P.McIntyre)

Click to enlarge and to see closer shot of realignment design.

Highway 6 realignment preliminary design


Friday, October 29, 2010

Duteau Creek Water Treatment Plant -- Official opening.


For questions about the Treatment Plant please visit
: Q_A


Campbell's 15% Cut Gives 50% of Benefits to Just 20% with High Income.

October 27, 2010

The 15% tax reduction announced by Premier Campbell in his TV address is NOT a cut restricted to those making less than $72,000 per year; it is a tax cut for everyone on the first $72,000 of their income. That means that the 20% of taxpayers who make over $72,000 a year will get 50% of the total benefits. The total lost revenue is estimated by the Campbell government to be $568 million; those making over $72,000 a year will collectively reap $284 million per year in tax cuts. Once again Campbell has tried to make it look like he is helping the middle class, when the truth is he is helping higher income earners.

Those making less than $72,000 per year are 80% of all taxpayers, but 40% of all taxpayers have incomes so low that they don't pay any provincial income taxes, hence they won't benefit from Campbell's announcement. Another 40% of taxpayers pay some provincial tax, but not enough to get the full benefit that will be enjoyed by those in higher tax brackets.

Campbell's brief comments on education would be laughable if the problems facing children who are not ready for school weren't so severe. He acknowledged that after 10 years in power, 1 out of every 5 grade 4 students are not achieving basic skills expected for their grade level. He wants British Columbians to believe that like magic, that problem will be solved in the next 5 years, but he isn't saying how much it might cost or how it would be accomplished.

A quarter billion dollars that his tax cut will give to higher income families would go a long way towards addressing child poverty and children who are not ready for school. That is why announcing major tax policy four months before the next budget and without consultation has a very high opportunity cost. There are better and more equitable ways of spending that money than using it to try to buy a little popularity for Campbell. He's shown that he can't consult and isn't responsible enough to set the course for British Columbia.

He began his TV address with a rehash of why he imposed the HST, starting by saying that businesses wanted it. He failed to mention that it is a $2 billion per year (forever) tax shift from some businesses to all BC families. He failed to mention that there are winners and losers, let alone give examples from each group. Losers include the restaurant industry where data from Statistics Canada are already showing a drop in food sales. Losers also include any service business that is labour intensive, like hair stylists or gardeners. He can't prove his claims about benefits from the HST, yet most people can see the negative consequences of the hated tax.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Breaking news: BC liberals inked ‘hidden toll’ into Sea to Sky highway deal – and we all pay for the next 25 years.

For years, I have often wondered why, in such ’tough economic times’, the very expensive Sea to Sky highway was not tolled. I’ve called for it, many of you have called for it, and last year, even Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson called for it as an avenue for revenue to solve Translinks money woes.

What Gregor did not know at the time ( and neither did most of us ) is that the Sea to Sky highway is a very lucrative avenue for revenue – but not for the province of BC. In actuality, the Sea to Sky highway is costing the provincial government money, every single time a vehicle drives up or down the highway.

Sources have revealed to me, that the BC government inked a hidden toll into the agreement to build and maintain the Sea to Sky highway, via a model commonly known in the transportation/road-building industry as a shadow toll”. As a result, the provincial government will be paying a shadow toll on every vehicle that uses the highway for the duration of the agreement, which is 25 years. Where does that toll go? To the private company that operates and maintain the road – otherwise known as the ‘concessionaire’ in the agreement with the province – (read more)


Greening of the Grid Road - The view from here.

The cut banks of the Grid Road have been hydro seeded. The green band is quite conspicuous at this time.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Waterways and Water Woes - Your opportunity to ask questions!

Waterways and Water Woes

October 28, 7 PM,

Schubert Centre, 3505 30th Ave. Vernon

Have you been concerned about the damages done to our lakes and rivers by too many boats, ATVs on wetlands, grey and black water discharges, etc....?

Have you wondered why we don't have better regulations? If so, this is your opportunity to come and suggest solutions and ask questions.

This Thursday October 28th at 7 PM, SENS will be holding an evening to identify the problems and solutions that exist on our waterways, ranging from Sugar Lake to Shuswap lake and including Kalamalka Lake.

There will be a panel of "Water Stewards" and a panel of "Regulators" so we can all be aware of the solutions that have been tried, those that are in process, and those that have yet to be enacted.

Please forward this email to all persons and groups you know who are working at improving the safety and the cleanliness of our lakes, creeks and rivers. All are welcome. Admission is free.

WHERE: Schubert Centre, 3505 30th Avenue, Vernon

WHEN: 7 PM to 9 PM. Thursday, October 28th

A panel will address the problems that exist on local lakes and rivers, ranging from motorboats affecting salmon spawning areas, threatening the security of swimmers, kayakers and tubers, discharging grey and black water, as well as the increasing impacts of ATVs in wetlands and other problems related to the safety of our water.

Advisors from Transport Canada and the Regional District will inform us as to the regulations that can help solve these problems.

SPrKL Director and Coldstream Council member, Maria Besso, will be on the panel discussing issues concerning Kalamalka Lake.

SPrKL members and others concerned, please join the discussion, ask questions and/or suggest solutions!


Reminder -- *SPrKL Halloween Soiree

Sparkle Party -- Invitation!

Mark your Calendars!

*SPrKL Halloween Soiree

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Saturday, October 30th, 8PM

Come party for a good cause! Invite your friends! Dig out your SPrKLiest Halloween Costume
Eat! Dance! Act Silly! Win Prizes! Bid on Silent Auction Items!

See below for further information!


Monday, October 25, 2010


On Sunday October 24th, the Okanagan-Shuswap Greens met in Paddlewheel Park hall to celebrate their 4th annual Harvest Dinner and discuss how local food economies contribute to building communities.
After the potluck dinner, Erik Bjorgan, candidate, pointed out how food security is closely linked to knowing those who grow our food and protecting local farmland. He reminded everyone of the social and economic benefits associated with eating locally and encouraging the producers in our region. Erik, who lives and works in Salmon Arm, is an active advocate for local food production and promotion.
Since the potluck dinner turned out to be a veritable feast of locally grown organic meats, vegetables, grains and scrumptious desserts, Erik's speech fell on receptive ears! Displays such as "Transition Town Concepts", Pilgrim Farm's produce, and Don Elzer's artistic rendering of a "Factory Village" where industrial and residential lots allow living, working and playing in the community reinforced the attractiveness of building local economies.
A silent auction and open Mic session rounded out the evening.
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