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Anonymous said...

Amen Lorne!

Anonymous said...

Boaters deserve better?

In the Morning Star article (online) Sat Oct 9 2010 Rob Report refers to the "self-importance people feel when operating water- craft"
Report demonstrates how our actions have implications for others.
Boater misconduct requires a good i.d. so phoning an offence in seems like a futile effort in most cases.
The increased volume of boats at the north end of Kalamalka Lake has usually tolerant people speaking up.

I have lost count of the boat noise, fumes, wakess and proximity have put a damper on our family's enjoyment of the beach.

To send your kids out on an air-mattress is like saying to your kids: "honey go play on the highway".


The letter from Ian Tribes titled "Free Society" brought up some points, mainly in regards to the self-importance people feel when operating watercraft. I take issue with several of the points he makes, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

First, when an operator chooses not to wear a lifejacket out of personal preference, he is not endangering only himself.

If the person falls overboard and drowns, Search and Rescue personnel are called out to locate the body, often in water too deep to dive safely, putting the S&R divers at risk. It has been known to happen that these divers sustain injury while on such dives.

Further, citizens attempting to save the man overboard are put at risk.

Second, his line that, "God forbid you should let your kids have fun on the water."

Sir, watercraft today are faster and far more powerful than even five years ago, and certainly do not belong under the control of a child any more than a road vehicle does.

Although they may know how to operate the vessel in ideal conditions, it's unlikely most could say the same if conditions change or the machine fails.

And, as for the mandate that a spotter be required when towing persons behind the craft, how is that not in the absolute best interest of all involved?

In the absence of a spotter, the driver must take his attention away from where he's going to see if he's lost his skier, and in those mere seconds, what might he hit?

Third, that it's cheaper to create signs dictating liability of parents than to hire ticket writers, indicating that should a child lose control of the craft the parent, who may or may not carry insurance, who may or may not have an adequate net worth, is liable for the actions of their child.

Perhaps in initial expense, but who pays the judge presiding over the case where I have to sue those same parents to reclaim my medical costs?

As part of his "Free Society," I should be free from concern than an overpowered vehicle driven by an underaged child is going to run over me while I'm taking a swim, having to sue the parents at my expense to reclaim what I've lost due to their self-importance.

Mr. Tribes, you are not the most important person on the water.

I am, along with every other person on or in the water.

Robb Report

Lorne Pearson said...

I am not against looking at quieting down the north end of the lake. Perhaps we can put up a better bouy system that would keep boats from coming to close to the shoreline. Perhaps the whole north end of the lake could be turned into a no wake zone and have a low speed limit put in place. This would encourage the wake boats with the big stereos to move out of the north arm of Kal Lake.

We can also look at ideas such as making Kalvista Launch a regional only launch.

As a boater I would like to see some measures be put in place that would make the current situation better for everyone. I would like to see the constant arguing back and forth end and see if we come up with some viable solutions that will work for everyone involved.

I think as boaters we feel like we don't' have too much of a say in things and alot of important decisions that affect us are being left up to only a small group of people that are of the same opinion.

Lets open this up to everyone that wishes to get involved and has a stake in the issue, homeowners,boaters kayakers,swimmers etc.

Perhaps Coldstreamer could convince the powers that be to hold a town meeting or focus groups on possible solutions.I have suggested this in the past but have been told that we don't need to have open honest dialogue amoungst the residents af this area.

Surely if there is nothing to hide and no other agendas at play this would help to gets things out in the open and move us closer to coming up with solutions to the current problems on and around Kalamalka Lake.

Lets work together to achieve safe and sustainable enjoyment of this valuable asset to our community. Everyone wants to keep Kalamalka Lake a healthy lake that all lake user groups can enjoy for a longtime.

How about it Coldstreamer?

Anonymous said...

I think that would be a good idea

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