Friday, October 1, 2010

Readers write - - More on boat launch.

“anonymous said...Did these boats just magically appear or have they always been here? The only real intolerable nuisance is the handfull of complainers that expect the lake to all of a sudden turn into "On Golden Pond" A good neighbor would be tolerable and put up with a little inconvience for two short months!" (September 29, 2010 10:47)

Good suggestion !

The more stoic "good neighbours" among us can grit their teeth and "tolerate" a "little inconvenience".

As for the rest of us more sensitive types we'll run out and buy earplugs and white noise machines for those of us trying to read, listen to music or rest in our homes.
The downside is that families who prefer their experience of the lake in the fresh air will be compelled to enjoy the ambiance of the beach in mute silence, ear-plugs firmly in place.

Thank you for reminding us that hey, there are ten months to enjoy the lake in peace. Imagine a vacation spending quiet days at the beach with your family. You can don wet suits and set up cabanas to protect your family from the weather. I'm sure teachers won't mind compiling a week or two of work so their students don't fall behind.

The protective cabana will ensure the work won't get wet or blown around. Mom and Pa better rush out to Canadian Tire while they still have picnic table screen-tents designed to keep the weather out while dinner is prepared and consumed.

It will be a novel experience to gaze up at the rise of a fresh crisp moon rather than basking in the last light of a glowing sun slipping down past the hills.

As for those boats "just magically" appearing, I doubt we, the complainers would have held our clucking tongues in silence as the splash and drone of boats churned up our precious lake in years past.

The volume of this issue is growing at the same rate as the volume of powerboats and the nuisance created thereby.

It is human nature to express unfortunate situations as they develop and then forget them once the issue is resolved. Who has time to nitpick over every thing that is a public nuisance? The squeaky wheel does get the grease. And too many boats in a confined area make one formidable "squeak".

And speaking of "On Golden Pond" according to Wikipedia's entry on the film "On Golden Pond" it seems that this idyll too, was not as pristine and benign as one would imagine:

" While filming the scene where Fonda and Hepburn were watching the loons on the lake, the speedboat that zoomed by and disturbed them was so forceful it overturned their canoe in one take; Fonda was immediately taken out of the water and wrapped up in blankets as his health was fragile by that time."

No one wants a deadly encounter with a larger more powerful water-craft.

As the saying goes: keep it simple stupid:

Motorized craft can more easily travel away from congested areas than can non-motorized craft or swimmers. Power boaters can quickly access almost all of the 42 kms of Kalamalka shoreline. What's the big issue?


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Anonymous said...

You make a valid point Coldstreamer about boats accessing the length of the lake, where there are no homes. However, I think the greatest problem of congestion in the bay/beach area are the # of homes built in the area, not so much the people coming in from other areas. Even as a swimmer, I get dirty looks from folk who "own" the lake, when I access one of the tiny beaches along Westkal Road. I think it's nonsense to place the blame entirely on the boating public and ignore the effect of lakeshore residents. It's too bad the planners of yesteryear didn't take a drive to Peachland where the foreshore is reserved for public use and not the select few. Esthetically, it's also much more appealing than the sardine can development in this tiny bay.

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