Sunday, October 3, 2010

Readers write - - Stillm more on boat launch.

Revelation re: Kekuli Bay Boat Launch

Returning from Costco today I noticed that there is a south-bound turning lane on highway 97 to access the road to Kekuli Bay. The north access back to Vernon has no merging lane, but there is an option for those who don't want to put the pedal to the metal: use the old scenic highway and re-access 97 just past the lookout. Much more scenic, easier on the tranny, clutch etc and there is good visibility of on coming traffic. Myself, a matron could manage this with an r.v. or boat/ trailer combo.

Re the slope of the access to Kekuli, my home driveway is much more tricky and I backup the boy's toys during all weathers without burning any clutches or ditching. Kinloch is a popular boat-launch, it seems that given its popularity very few shrinking violets seem to avoid the steep decline and tight turns.

Bottom-line: if someone as femme and long- in-the- tooth as I am can negotiate a "steep" boat-launch access using a stick, I wonder why someone with a macho automatic truck can't?

Who would not want to preserve the integrity of neighbourhoods and recreational thoroughfares? It's a mom and apple pie choice, and everyone likes mom and apple pie.



Anonymous said...

You must be one of the people who live near the Kalavista launch and want everyone to drive to Kekuli. Do you not read the paper?

There have been numerous accidents and deaths involving vehicles without trailers turning on and off the highway. I am tired of hearing Kalavista residents talk about safety when they don't care if local residents risk their lives on the highway at much greater speeds.

Have you ever tried to park at Kinloch? There is no parking and people have had their vehicles vandalized.

Lets widen a small portion of Kalavista, put in some sidewalks, make the launch user friendly by expanding the lenght of the wharfs and get on with life!

I think everyone is growing tired of the small group of sqeeky wheels by the launch trying to take away a valuable local recreational resourse.

And which part of Kalavista Drive do you live on?

Anonymous said...

If the Kalavista launch is closed, then every wharf, mooring buoy etc of the lakeshore property owners must go too. If this issue is truly about safety, then the same line of thought applies to them as well.

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