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The way we were:

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Garlick won despite spending less -- By Jennifer Smith
Money isn’t everything in Coldstream.
Election spending numbers show that the results of Coldstream’s mayoralty race weren’t necessarily influenced by the biggest spender (although the same isn’t true when it comes to councillors).

The winning candidate, Jim Garlick, spent $3,277 during his campaign, while Glen Taylor topped the spending scale at $5,617.

But when it came to councillors, the top spenders were the ones who got the vote.

Coun. Richard Enns, who was nominated by Bill Firman, spent $2,324 and he received the highest number of votes for councillor.

Coun. Maria Besso was second in spending with $2,131.

Coun. Pat Cochrane spent $1,401, all on advertisements.

Coun. Bill Firman racked up $1,190 in sign, brochure and pamphlet expenses.

But the next top spenders (Lynn Spraggs, Greig Crockett, Perrin Hayes, Mary Malerby and Allen Dubeski) didn’t get elected.

In fact Coun. Gyula Kiss, who was nominated by Coldstream Ratepayers Association president Steve Heeren, only spent $565.

And Coun. Doug Dirk’s campaign spending only cost him $117.

Going back to the mayoralty race, Garlick said he wouldn’t have spent as much as he had if it weren’t for the contributions he received.

“I had a lot of financial help from the community,” said Garlick, whose list of contributors (each at $100) includes Besso, Heeren, Peter Peto (a councillor candidate), Ted Osborne (who manages Coldstream Ranch) Louise Christie with the CRA and a nomination from Enns.

Taylor, who was nominated by Cochrane, had support from Coldstream’s two previous mayors Gary Corner ($200) and Brian Postill ($300), a past councillor Doug Hackman ($200), former councillor Carol Williams ($100), Chapman Construction ($1,000) and the Highlands at Kalamalka Lake ($1,000).

The financial disclosures of spending amounts are required from every candidate who runs in a municipal election.

“This is what they’re declaring, ‘this is what I spent or didn’t spend,’ it’s their oath,” said Keri-Ann Baggett, municipal clerk

All of the candidates from the November 2008 election managed to get their financial disclosures in on time. If they don’t, they are fined $500 and if disclosures still aren’t received they could be disqualified from running in the next municipal election. That happened during the 2005 municipal election – Andy Danyliu and Dominik Dlouhy were disqualified from running in 2008.


I did not solicit nor did I accept financial contributions! (Gyula Kiss)


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1 comment:
Anonymous said...
would it be possible to see a candidates list of contributors before we vote?

would it be possible/legal (according to the municipal charter) for willing candidates to provide this info voluntarily?

when casting a vote one ought to know who owes what to who...
March 30, 2009 at 5:16 AM

Anonymous said...

Yes, I too would like to know what the candidates alliances are before voting. Interesting that among Mr Taylors supporters are those who wanted to push development on Agri land before and whose agenda resulted in them being defeated at the polls. Personally I have always felt that at heart Mr Taylors interests were not those of the Municipality rather possibly a source of income.

Anonymous said...

I hope the new Vernon council engages with other municipal leaders to re-open the tourism info booth at the north end of town (Swan Lake).

The info centre should be a regional resource, funded in part by the Province if it is not already.

Tourism is a relatively "green" industry and we should be promoting it in our most prominent locations. There ought to be an opportunity for local businesses who benefit from the info centres, to sponsor such a facility.

I strongly suspect that the rosy numbers for the new, obscure visitor info centre have been plumped by local traffic curious to see what attractions accessible closer to home. Free maps don't hurt either...

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