Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Proposal to split up Kalamalka Lake Park!

The proposal reads as follows: (more)

"Proposal to remove a 30metre right of way to enable widening and upgrade of an existing road. The right of way would be of sufficient size to accommodate potential future utilities."

My concern is for the viability of the Park once this plan is executed and unrestricted vehicular access is allowed through the sensitive environment of this Class A Provincial Park. 


What do you think?


Shawn Lee said...

I share your concern for the integrity of Kalamalka Provincial park. I assume those properties on Cosens Bay are on some sort of septic systems. Concern for the lake for Lake could be an issue to which the province might give some weight.A widened road would certainly disrupt the grassland portion of the park. I feel dismay at this possibility. Cheers Shawn Lee

Anonymous said...

The cabins should be grandfathered out, as they were in Okanagan Mountain Park.

Development will destroy this jewel of the Okanagan. Outrageous!

Anonymous said...

Since a paved road means that cabin owners won't need water access, why don't we put in a foreshore trail to Oyama (think Stanley Park's seawall) ?

A circular route around Kalamalka Lake would be a great tourist draw, and community resource.

It would make up for the loss of our view scape and lack of access at the north end of Kal Lake.

Developers are expected to contribute to community projects are they not? I'm sure the cabin owners would love to share that part of the lake with the rest of us, would they not? LOL.

Anonymous said...

There are no vehicle restrictions on Cosens Bay Road, climbers, hikers, dog walkers, marathon runners, horseback riders etc, us it to access the park and its beauty today.
If the MOT wants a designated ROW to make a safer road for everyone, why do you want to stop that?

Anonymous said...

The sensative environment near the park entrance is knapweed and tumbleweed, I know this because I have to jump into it everytime a car comes by because the road is too narrow to have a car, dog and owner.

Anonymous said...

The reason knapp weed and other invasive weed species are covering many areas of the park is due to seeds being transported in via vehicle and bike traffic. All the more reason to limit vehicle access through the sensitive grassland areas of the park. It would be nice if all visitors did their part to pull out a few of these invasive species when they are encountered. Happy Trails!

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