Thursday, July 24, 2014

Friends of Kal Lake Park - Press Release



Anonymous said...

Thanks to Friends of Kal Park for speaking for all who love the park.

Anonymous said...

Parks guidelines for roads can be found at on page 4.3-3
These guidelines are designed by parks to protect the park and users of the park. People should get behind this park meeting those standards for the benefit of the park.

Coldstream Council should consult with their Legal Council before offering opinions as Councillors in matters that do not pertain to their Jurisdiction.
Coldstream gave up a legal right to things pertaining to Cosens Bay Road through the park when they changed their boundary in 2000. You do not see Vernon Council commenting on this do you.

Anonymous said...

Coldstream council and anyone else has a right to offer an opinion on matters pertaining to public parks.Coldstream council also has a duty to keep its citizens informed.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:37:

We, the people are not stupid.

We know that ultimately, all agencies and especially politicians, are accountable to the taxpayer. A former politician pointed out to a nature group that the government can close any road it wants, anytime. Period.

Taxpayers will not sit by and watch our park be sacrificed for a cunningly manufactured ill. Funny how this just emerged around the peak real estate sales season...

One only has to walk some of the other roads in the North Okanagan to see how speed and traffic volume is the true threat to pedestrian, cycling and equestrian road users. So, now you would have the road brought up to a standard that allows the same dangers to be brought into play in the park? LOL!

Anyone with local knowledge or a deep connection to the park knows that the true threat to enjoyment of the park is clearly from development and all its collateral damage.

The majority does not want this end run against the sanctity of the park.

Let's be clear, this is being driven by private interests who hide behind the issue of safety and access to Cosens Bay for the disabled, which anyone can see is a straw dog, designed to gift the colonists with publicly paid "improvements" that will enrich their property values.

Special needs people and elderly naturalists I am in contact with take offence that they are being used for personal gain; they have their special memories of the special remote regions of the park, and they wish that their grandchildren will continue to experience the magic of the park in as natural a state as it can be. Hot tarmac overflowing with vehicles at Cosens Bay is a nightmare, not a dream!

If the colonists were truly interested in safety and access to nature, they'd limit vehicular trips through our public park and respect those who love the park -- Their right to drive through the park compromised it for everyone, and still they are not sated.

We love our park and will not stand mute as it is further degraded. For shame!

Hiding behind public safety is a transparent ruse, and we won't bite.

Anonymous said...

Parks created guidelines for the protection of the park and it's users. Shouldn't the road meet those guidelines?

Anonymous said...

The road should remain as a rustic access road. Nothing more.

The only protection I need is from rapacious greed and avarice.

Park road colony traffic is not a danger, but an intrusion.

Sorry, but guidelines exist to enforce common sense for the common good, neither of which is served by the grasping desires of the truly privileged.

Go away, enjoy your pristine lakefront and leave us to the park you marred.

Isn't enough, enough?

Anonymous said...

Friends of Chorely Park-- template for park protest...
Bet most summering people don't know what's going down (clever, that) a few signs would help...

Anonymous said...

The people own the province. The politicians are its stewards, the bureaucrats manage the will of the politicians, or should.

There's no hiding behind words on paper. The park is a living thing not a conceptual model subject to wordplay.

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