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Anonymous said...

Re: Coldstream Fire Chief It should be pointed out that this decision came from the Fire Liason Committee (Garlick and Dirk), and was never presented in the public portion of Council. What am I missing? There seems to be some sound logic in one chief and some remuneration.....a small price to pay to keep my fire insurance low. This is a public discussion that should take place in Council chambers. I'm sure many would like to know the reasons for the decision. We have spent a fortune in taxpayers dollars on state of the art halls, equipment and training, and we are going to cheap out on the human factor, the critical piece to whole equation? If I were Sturgeon, I would not want to continue under these onerous conditions. I can't imagine why anyone would want the job without some incentive to do it well. How about reducing the administrative staff by one half time position and properly compensate a fire chief.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that we can pay all these politicians,and we have way too many in this small area, but we can't pay a fire chief. Just another reason for Amalgamation!

Coldstreamer said...

Some people seem to have a one track mind. Any perceived beef and we should solve it by amalgamation. If you wish to have amalgamation run for office with that platform and then you can debate the issue.

This issue has nothing to do with amalgamation. It must be discussed during the election campaign and if there is support for it by the electorate then the new Council can adopt such position. During the last election the current Council did not receive a mandate for a full time fire chief.

This does not mean that a case could not be made for such position. I believe that the position requires considerable time and it might be to the benefit to the taxpayers but we need a mandate from said taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Re amalgamation:

The following excerpt from a letter to the Morning Star Editor Sept7/11, attached at the bottom of my comments,illuminates some of the reasons why, as satisfied residents for over twenty years our family is not interested in amalgamation.

We appreciate having a Mayor and Council who listen to our concerns,
address them, and proceed to seek
fair and timely solutions in their role as community leaders, and also as neighbours and friends who share a similar direct interest in what happens in this community.

Our family, friends and neighbours are strongly opposed to the negative changes amalgamtion would bring. Urban sprawl would be

Pressure to develop farmland for facilities such as the sports complex which was proposed to be built on Coldstream Ranch at Aberdeen and Highway 6 would have destroyed productive land for food production at a time when the future of the cost of oil and its availabilty are uncertain.

In addition, critical wildlife habitat would have been decimated.

The increase in traffic, noise and light pollution would have added insult to injury.

Amalgamation would forever change the character of Coldstream: "Rural Living at its Best".

Rob MacKay, Vernon:

"According to the City of Vernon financial records for 2010, the city employs 8.1 employees per 1,000 residents or 315.7 employees. The city claims that 2.1 employees per 1,000 people work exclusively for the regional district (GVAC); therefore the actual number is 6.1 employees per 1,000 residents or 238.5 employees.

It has averaged almost 10 per cent employee growth per year from 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. Even when it was reported that housing starts were down, the city increased staff at the planning and building office. The city is out of control with spending. Why is this important? Let’s look at Coldstream: they have 3.47 employees per 1,000 residents. That is almost half the staff. If you use their calculation on staff time with regional district, then the number drops to 2.75 employees per 1,000 residents. Coldstream has staffing levels at 40 per cent of Vernon. That is a huge difference.

If you look at tax increases in the area, Vernon has increased taxes continually, while Coldstream continues to have little increases. If you look at property taxes, Vernon is almost double Coldstream. Double.

If I were the City of Vernon, I would be thinking amalgamation. It’s the only way they can make those books look better. Perhaps if Vernon keeps buying land for parking, and waterfront with no plans or approving GVAC to spend funds on useless reports then maybe no one will take a really close look at what they are doing. There are real issues why the relationship between these two areas is broken, and for Coldstream taxpayers I am glad we have a council who see this.

My reason for wanting Coldstream out of GVAC is we have chosen to partner with a junkie. Vernon is a tax junkie who will do anything to get more taxes — who will just keep spending and spending. When dealing with addicts, it is best not to be an enabler but to stand back and allow them to deal with their addiction themselves. The City of Vernon is addicted to taxes and the GVAC is one source for that addiction. If we stay in GVAC, then we could be pulled to the bottom with them.

I hope Coldstream pulls out of GVAC. I believe we could supply the services at a better rate, with local management and true accountability.

The only thing Wayne Lippert said in the article that rang true was that residents are talking about amalgamation. Coldstream residents are saying no."

Rob MacKay, Vernon

Anonymous said...

Amen to that, Mr. MacKay!

Despite the City of Vernon's continued promises NOT to increase staff, they have now installed a new ONLINE RECRUITMENT SYSTEM.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mckay should check his facts. I have owned property in both vernon and coldstream and taxes are not double. Didn't coldstream just have a huge 7-9% tax hike a few years back. And yes the council will listen to you in coldstream if they agree with you and you happen to be on one of their hand picked committees.As for not putting in the sports complex to save valuable farmland just will see houses popping up there soon.

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