Sunday, September 11, 2011

Selected clippings, Morning Star - September 11



Anonymous said...

A Vancouver vistor told us you can pay up to $19.00 at some lower mainland launch sites.

You have to pay for parking when you go to the hospital, surely users should foot some of the costs for an optional activity.

Anonymous said...

The fact that these meters were suggested by a few people that may use the launch but have the luxury of parking their trailers at their houses is hard to swallow. The cost of putting them in and maintaining them will also be very expensive. Perhaps we should also start charging for kayakers and paddle boarders using the launches and local public beaches to launch. Hopefully after the next election the hate-on for boating that we have experienced with this last biased council will diminish!

Anonymous said...

My kid ties his kayak to the roof of his compact car. He carries his kayak to any lake access, then parks his car. No lot needed. No boat-launch facility required.

It would take many, many kayaks and other non-motorized craft to create a disturbance.

Boat launches facilitate the unfettered access of motorized craft onto a finite resource. A few years ago a saturation point was reached and the other values offered by the lake: environmental, non-motorized recreation, and aesthetics were diminished by the pressure created by a growing number of power-craft.

Reasonable people have tried to find a balance between all stakeholders, and the expanded boat launch at Kekuli Bay and proposed user fees go some way to relieve the pressure at the north end of Kalamalka Lake.

This is not a hate-on for boating, but rather an attempt to acknowledge and remedy a situation that denies or diminishes the various ways that all stake-holders might choose to enjoy a finite resource.

Anonymous said...

What did you mean by the comment about the dead trees in the Morning Star article, or were you misquoted on something?

Coldstreamer said...

I did mention more dead trees as the water restrictions in drought years will become more onerous on ornamental trees. As we already see more dead trees due to water costs, restrictions will likely exacerbate the problems. There are predictions of more drought years coming in the future.

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