Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vernon water restrictions change -- Sun FM

Thu, 2010-05-20 09:35.
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The stage three water restrictions for Greater Vernon residents remain in place, but there are some changes.

Mayor Wayne Lippert says the changes recognize that the Kal Lake source, which serves 75 per cent of the users is okay.

Lippert says pools can be filled from 6 a.m. till 5 p.m. because that is the lowest usage time. And those who've just laid turf will be able to get a permit to water for two weeks at a time.

And he says they're looking for three members from the public for the drought response team to help make revisions to the bylaws for next year.

Betty Selin - Vernon


While it is true that pools can be filled and turf can be watered as reported, those changes have nothing to do with Kal Lake. Bylaw 2248 "applies to the Greater Vernon Service Area" (page 2 of the Bylaw). If Mayor Lippert did imply that the restrictions are changed due to Kal Lake being OK he did not report the facts as they are.



Anonymous said...

However, the fact remains that Kal Lake is OK and there is no reason for it to be on stage three, and for affected businesses to be taking losses due to a squabble amongst the directors over water sources

Anonymous said...

At some future point when the reservoirs that service the Duteau Creek Water Source are at full capacity and Stage 1 is indicated BUT the Provinces reduces the water license for Kal Lake water source and makes it a requirement that a Stage 3 or 4 will be necessary, will you still stay with an across the board stage 3 (or4) that would force the Dureau Creek Water sources to cut back on their allotments also ???

Coldstreamer said...

Absolutely! Duteau source can supply water to the Kal source but not the other way. Had the Master Water Plan been implemented as designed both sources could be interchanged.

VernonResident said...

Which begs the question...

- who is in charge of our Master Water Plan?

- who approves changes to the Master Water Plan?

- why does it feel like we are not in the know (yet we are footing the bill?)

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