Monday, May 17, 2010

GVSC meeting agenda -- May 19, 2010

Please review the proposed bylaw at the above link and comment to your representatives if you find something not to your liking. Note the Maximum daily allocation of 3.5 cubic meter per day (** on the bottom of the page). That is a significant change!

Upon further examination it appears that there is an error either in the bylaw or in Schedule A. The Bylaw text actually refers to the maximum daily allowance as 6.0 cubic meter (page 5, item g).



Anonymous said...

nice that the drought management team made up of affected businesses got to have a way in the discussions. Typical....and now pools get to be filled at the expense of the once per week watering of lawns which is now reduced to 2 hours only. Try to irrigate a place that has more than 4 zones in two hours. I guess 5 minutes a zone will be the rule on most lawns....once a week. Yep that will do a lot of good. Oh I cant wait until the next election, this "old boys club" has to go

VernonResident said...

See how much our input is valued... first, NORD sets up a new drought management committee, then cancels its first meeting, and then, Presto Chango, here is the new bylaw, with a bunch of seemingly random restrictions that utilize "recycled water" for pools and ponds.

I would love to know how to get my hands on that recycled water... what is that anyways? Where does it come from? Am I supposed to sump pump it from my bathtub?

The way I read the new bylaw, NORD would even try to prevent me from doing whatever I want with that first 20 cubic metres I already pay for.

Why should it be OK for NORD to tell me what I can do with the water that they have forced me to purchase?

After the water has travelled through the meter and into my home, NORD's responsibility surely ends.

According to Section 4 of the new bylaw, we now understand that RDNO is not liable for
(a) the use of water from the water system,
(b) the failure to supply any or an insufficient amount of water,
(c) any impurity, or
(d) lack of adequate or any water pressure.

What responsibilities does RDNO have to its customers?

Why is it that we are now facing more rules and regulations, instead of being provided with tools and information?

Why is public consultation completely out of the picture?

It's getting very difficult to find anyone who believes the current crop of politicians and bureaucrats are capable of effectively managing our regional water utility.

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