Friday, January 29, 2010

Paying for police.

Mayor Lippert does not seem to have enough to do in his own job, he seems to want to direct the affairs of Coldstream as well (see Paying for police CHBC News). Yet I did not see his name on the Coldstream ballots during the last civic elections.

Wayne Lippert had an opportunity to run for a seat in the provincial legislation as well. He eventually decided not to pursue the position. Had he done so he could have had the opportunity to change provincial legislation with regards to policing costs.

Mayor Lippert does not seem to understand that most of the businesses to be protected by police are located in the city. All the banks, department stores, financial institutions, jewelery stores and the like are in his jurisdiction. At the same time it is a well known fact that crime rate in Coldstream is among the lowest in the province.

It is Coldstream Council's decision how many police officers they hire as long as the numbers meet provincial guidelines and satisfy the needs of the residents of Coldstream. If our citizens feel the need to hire more officers and they are willing to pay for more Council would definitely entertain the issue.

It is not proper for a Mayor of any jurisdiction to try to dictate to a duly elected Council of another jurisdiction. He has made several comments about possible amalgamation in the future, as did other Vernon Mayors in the past, but amalgamation will also be the decision of the residents of Coldstream if ever they selected that option through a legitimate referendum.


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