Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mayor Calls Police Funding Unfair – by Peter McIntyre

Vernon's mayor is concerned about what he calls "unfair funding" for local police.

Wayne Lippert says Coldstream pays for seven police officers, while Areas B and C fund ten, which he says doesn't allow for those areas to be policed 24-7.

" I don't believe it's fair for police officers from the city of Vernon to be going out on regular calls in the other jurisdictions where we're not getting paid. I don't have any problem (when it's for) emergencies, but (not when it's) for general policing duties. And from what I understand, from the (RCMP) superintendent, they have to send more than one police officer to a call."

Lippert says Vernon officers pick up the slack on a regular basis which he doesn't think is fair.

The mayor feels the other areas are under funding their police, and he recently discussed the issue with BC Solicitor General Kash Heed.

"Inspector McNamara, who is the second officer in charge, or their staff, should be going to these other jurisdictions and really making them aware they are under funding their policing requirements."

Lippert says its a similar situation with the RCMP's municipal staff.

"Out of the staff we have, we have 30 municipal employees in the detachment. Coldstream only has two."


This is like “deja vu” all over again, to quote Yogi Berra. I remember an other Wayne of another time singing the same song. I wonder if the next thing coming is a $300,000 surcharge to our sewer fees! Or will it be a condition of settling the water arbitration?

This is from a Mayor who does not like politics and wants to get along with his neighbours! Give me a break!


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VernonResident said...

I am pleased to see that Mayor Lippert is discussing his concerns with the Province, which is the agency responsible for setting the police funding requirements for municipalities and electoral areas in BC.

But I must admit that I am confused as to what his beef is?

If, as per current provincial funding requirements, Coldstream funds 7 and Areas B&C 10, why does the Mayor of Vernon feel justified in pointing a finger at these particular jurisdictions?

Aren't the provincial requirements the same throughout the province?

Or do Vernon residents only commit crimes within the jurisdiction of the city of Vernon?

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