Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yet another amalgamation poll on KISS FM.


Click on image to vote (if you want)!



Anonymous said...

Now if that isn't the most leading questions, of all leading questions.

A better question would be: would you like to know which businesses are driving this, and will you still support them?

Nope, not this family.

Anonymous said...

Sum more skoolin' from Country-Bumpkin U:


Anonymous said...

Amalgamation leads to TWICE the hires:


Anonymous said...

While looking to see what businesses may be contributing to the perpetual amalgamation adventure (no luck yet), I came across this sad admission from the Vernon Chamber of Commerce website:

Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce policy on a regional branding strategy


"Currently, Greater Vernon lacks a strong brand. An effective brand must:
have the support of the community;
differentiate the region from other regions;
capitalise on the region’s strengths; and
target appropriate economic development opportunities..."

So... it appears that Vernon is suffering from an identity crisis. Proud Coldstream has a strong brand: Rural Living at its Best.

Which, makes it so ironic that that the Amalgo Amigos think that Coldstreamers should deign to be adopted/absorbed by a confused sibling that hasn't gotten a handle on its own "brand".

Other Okanagan communities have capitalized on their waterfront, in Vernon not so much--so scratch "Lakeside Living at its Best". Vernon makes it difficult, even unpleasant to shop downtown.

Other communities encourage custom by providing angle-in two hour parking..."Walkable City"??? "Biking Valhalla"??? not so much. Equestrian friendly? Scratch that...and so it goes.

No thank you.

Anonymous said...

Are the drivers behind the move to amalgamate oblivious to the numerous studies, and findings of scholars and experts re the failure of amalgamation to produce savings or even the same level of representation to voters?

Surely not, if so, then what is the reason for the omission of such edifying information when they disseminate their "facts" to the public?

Can it be that they have their eyes firmly fixed on the pot of land gold at the end of the rainbow?

The amalgamation force's unwillingness to take no for an answer leads one to speculate that they are keeping their eyes on the prize: their penultimate goal: a glittering pot of land gold.

The eminent C.D. Howe Institute exposes the failure of the "19th Century idea of amalgamation":


Anonymous said...

From Vernonblog

Time left to Municipal Election - VERNON

248 : 09 : 59 :

Time is a tickin' Amalgos, who ya gonna' run in Coldstream?

tic tic tic....

Anonymous said...

Boom! Snap!

Leaders in booming Edmonton not interested in amalgamation--not effective. Choose co-operation:


Anonymous said...

Moar skoolin' from U of Country Bumpkins:


Anonymous said...

Moar skoolin' from U of Country Bumpkins:


Anonymous said...

There sure is a great deal of money to be made by the 'pushers' on this for them to keep on about it. Pot of Gold, development, spite, someone not get their own way? what? - too bad they didn't have the guts to give their true motives

Anonymous said...

The City of Vernon keeps adding to the reasons this family says NO to amalgamation.

The following letter to the editor Morning Star today, was an eye-opener with respect to the City of Vernon's lack of commonsense.

For a start, they are denying self-contained RVers the courtesy of overnight parking in the Walmart parking lot or elsewhere?

That's how our family could afford to travel in our simple van. File this under: create problems where there are none.


Anonymous said...

The RV overnight camping in parking lots was becoming a problem. Drive down Anderson Way last summer and there were dozens of "campers" actually parked there all summer. I maintain some of these properties and these people were leaving a big mess. Its too bad they ruined it for legitimate people like you that just needed to stop overnight.

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