Monday, November 11, 2013

Up-to-date list of Amalgamation/Unification petition

An up-to-date alphabetical list of signatories to the petition for an Amalgamation/Unification Referendum is available for interested readers at this website: List



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list Gyula--I can't open the file to get past the "L's".

Coldstreamer said...

Thanks for the tip. Sorry about the problem. I guess the file was too large as a spread sheet. Here it is in pdf format and I hope it now works. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see a former councilor who was all about the interests of Coldstream voters on the list.

Re-election here would be dubious, perhaps one dreams of grasping the brass ring in Amalgoland?


Vernon Morning Star November 7, 2007

not in coldstream

Firstly, I would like to say "shame on you Mary Malerby!" for your about face decision on the Aberdeen Road Sports Complex Proposal.

In the Friday, Oct. 12 Morning Star, you were quoted as concluding that a majority of residents in Coldstream support the idea of a sports complex being built on Aberdeen Road. I absolutely do not support this idea.

How ironic that I happened to be driving by and saw you talking to CHBC news (re: your change of decision on the complex proposal) after just showing a friend the absolutely beautiful landscapes along Kalamalka and Aberdeen Road  My friend and I were commenting on how wonderful it is to have this picturesque environment  with rolling hills, fall colours, and wide open ranch land within just a few minutes drive. 

I moved to Coldstream and bought a home here because of this very environment. I am also a great sports fan and believe that a sports complex is a great idea  -  The excitement!  The hustle and bustle of hundreds of people!  the challenge of finding a parking space!  The scalpers selling tickets!  The roars of cheering and booing fans!  Yes, I love this stuff, but not on the site proposed. 

Why?  Think about the side effects We will lose a beautiful piece of land. It will bring increased traffic along Kalamalka Road, which will probably lead to increased traffic control, and yes I know that Highway 6 is the main route but Kalamalka will also be used.

And, let’s not forget those "certain fans" that will  bring rowdiness, drinking, litter, noise and disruption, especially if their favourite team loses a game, to not just the complex site itself but all surrounding areas and along their routes home. 

Come on,  can you really picture a sports complex at this location?

The City of Vernon is where it should be located. The city is where we go for entertainment, movies, concerts and expect the hustle and bustle of crowds. A sports complex in the city would add a needed shot of vibrancy and makes more sense.

Shauna Reagh

Anonymous said...

Gyula, would it be possible to post Mayor Garlick's words to our community at yesterday's ceremony?

Anonymous said...

One can only hope that, like the Coldstream voters squashing the Spicer Block Sport's Cpmplex dream, citizens will act similarly to a vote on a costly and destructive (to Coldstream) amalgamation. My hope is that a few of these petition organizers run themselves ,or designated candidates, in the next election; I am looking forward to a public debate on the so-called benefits to amalgamation with Vernon!

Anonymous said...

The motivation for amalgamation is suspect given the well-documented negative experiences of many communities across the planet who were forced or duped into amalgamation.

Follow the money. It usually comes down to that.

Anonymous said...

A passion for place:

"Amalgamation Wrong Song":

Closer to home:

Anonymous said...

Gyula, is there anyway of getting an accurate list of pro voters regarding their residence? I would be most interested in seeing a breakdown by names & addresses for each regional district and the city.

Coldstreamer said...

Sorry, I have no access to that information. What I presented was public info that I compiled as the signatures appeared on the signatures list. However, readers might be able to recognize signatories who live in Coldstream.

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