Monday, October 28, 2013

News clip from the Morning Star and a reply.

It is very arrogant of a former city Councillor to tell the taxpayers of Coldstream that they should give up their chosen form of governance and join the City of Vernon. He should have learned from the debates of 2008 (see clips) that these debates do not work unless each one of the jurisdictions agree to proceed based on demonstrated, tangible benefits to each.

As a Coldstream resident I get the services I need: water from GVW, sewer services for which I pay the going rate to the city and the collection fees to Coldstream, I pay my share for recreation, culture etc.

My property taxes in 2013 were 10.25% lower than it would have been had my property been located in the city (that's about $290 in real figures).

You may think Vernon is over governed and that you have to take up with your Council. Coldstream is not over governed and tries to keep taxes at a level its taxpayers can afford. So do not covet our way of life from the outside. If you wish to join Coldstream you may purchase a property and move to Coldstream. Otherwise let us live as WE please!



Anonymous said...

In the past, research I have done with respect to the outcomes of amalgamation in other communities, I came across a word I was unfamiliar with: de-amalgamation.

Renewed research shows that this term is gaining traction because amalgamation has been a disappointing failure for those forced under its inflexible tenure.

Using Mr. Lee's logic, we ought to be governed by a Greater Okanagan body with representatives from umbrella communities.

Most I would guess, would have no appetite for a mega region, which would mean giving up local input and control.

Under the Greater Vernon model, if the elephant wants another gravel pit, sports field, subdivision etc the Coldstream mice would have suck it up.

No thanks. Small is beautiful.

ps Coldstream is not a hot bed of crime so I don't want more policing.

Anonymous said...

If this group of amalgamationists truly believes in their cause they can simply run candidates for all electoral positions in the 2014 elections. This would avoid the cost of a separate referendum and flush out the benefits and drawbacks, in the candidate debates, of combining the jurisdictions.Personally, I think it would be suicidal to run for mayor in Coldstream based on a promise to work towards amalgamation; I see little citizenry interest in risking the great deal we get now on taxes and services.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above comments. Leave us alone. Also think it is long overdue for our elected officials to come right out and state their positions on this. I know one who gave two answers, one for and one against, both wishy-washy. We are paying the salaries & they are supposed to be our reps.

Anonymous said...

BX resident raises questions about amalgamation.

The resident refers to the number of voters signing the petition.

The "numbers: are a big issue, this document is deeply flawed by the inclusion, last time I checked, of scores of anonymous voters, and double and triple dippers.

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