Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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Anonymous said...

Regarding spending $10,000 ( in addition to $10,000 grant money) on a roundabout study, which I assume is a consulting this really a priority and the best use of my precious tax dollars? Doesn't Coldstream own a traffic counter and have a little free time for staff to assess this and other intersections for traffic needs and accident statistics (at no cost to me). I drive the road daily and my observations are that it is less busy than in prior years. I can't imagine what increased pressures will come to bear in future years with the whole area already maximally built out and besides wouldn't any study done now be out of date then?? Kudos to those councillors who resisted the siren song of grant money. In my opinion this is truly "one dumb idea".

Anonymous said...

There is definitely an increased volume, both in numbers and decibels, of traffic on Kal Lake rd.

In fact, when someone is doing the speed limit on the stretch from Howe Drive to Coldstream Elementary I take note.

The speed limit seems to be optional for many. Perhaps the Speed Watch Program ought to randomly award small cash prizes, or meal gift cards to those who respect the safety of our community.

Anonymous said...

There are many ways to resolve speeding problems, a traffic circle is probably the most expensive method.

Anonymous said...

no Roundabout in the near future anywhere in Coldstream.

Anonymous said...

The fact that a roundabout study surfaced as an immediate issue suggests a very poor grasp of priorities for this community on the part of staff and/or some of Council. Shouldn't traffic issues come to light as a result of a complete assessment of speed, patterns and accident statistics, all of which could be done internally for little cost. Isn't this what should drive the placement of stop signs, lights, devices to impede speed etc? At the moment, excessive speeding on Kal Road seems to be a common complaint issue; how about addressing that one before the roundabout study??

Anonymous said...

Both my neighbours and my family are pro-traffic circles.

Our quality of life is diminished by speeding traffic, not to mention the destruction of wildlife in the path of cars.

Traffic circles divert speeding traffic to thoroughfares.

Traffic flows without noisy polluting stops and starts at 4 way stops.

Do not require electricity to power traffic lights.

Calm traffic to make travel safe for walkers, equestrians, cyclists etc.

A wise application of tax dollars.

The Number One reason I would leave my beloved Coldstream would be to escape the onslaught of traffic.

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