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Coldstream Committee of the Whole meeting - April 2, 2013



P. Sault said...

If Administration feels it should be a roundabout and that is the way the minutes read then it appears to be a done deal. Why even throw the suggestions out to the residents then?

Anonymous said...

I give my whole-hearted support for a roundabout at Kidston, and anywhere else children are at risk from the increased traffic, and attendant speeding because of the Grid Road.

I suggest another roundabout at Kal Lake road and Aberdeen. It would slow people down who are maintaining dangerously high speeds after coming off highway six. It would give children an additional buffer from traffic.

Traffic lights that are not activated by specific vehicles, but rather continue to change whether there is another car in the intersection add to pollution from idling. I imagine neighbours would not appreciate, braking, and starting up noise, as well as the light pollution

Anonymous said...

Excellent editorial article by Richard Rolke (April 3) sums it all. Round about is a costly solution to something that doesn't appear to be a problem. Kudos to Councillor Besso for asking for evidence of need!

Anonymous said...

For their traffic calming function alone, I am strongly in favour of installing roundabouts.

Roundabouts need not be large. I have seen them in Vancouver, and none of the existing established streets were altered to accomodate them.

Some of the roundabouts on the side streets were adorned with community volunteer gardens, some with benches, they were a pleasant addition to the neighbourhood.

Coldstream is very much a rural community, yet speeding vehicle traffic is a menace to children, cyclists, runners, walkers, and particularly, to equestrians.

Let's not forget about wildlife, each year bears and deer are killed, or injured. Every spring I am sickened by the number of dead or injured young birds on our roads.

I am sure that data gathered from the volunteer Citizens on Patrol speed-watch posts will support my concerns.

The volume, and speed of traffic is a real issue. I miss the days of routinely seeing equestrians on our streets. It is no wonder so many parents are driving young children to school. I wouldn't want any child of mine to be negotiating cross-walks on any of our main roads.

Trying to go for a stroll while having a conversation with someone while vehicles are thundering by is
an exercise is frustration.

As Coldstream grows, as it will, we need to address the negative changes such as traffic volume, noise, and speeding.

If we can reduce the safety issues surrounding traffic, more people will feel safe going for a nightime stroll to Alexander's rather than taking a car. Imagine a vibrant town centre where people take precedence over vehicles?

Keep Coldstream peaceful, please embrace a roundabout.

Anonymous said...

There may well come a time of need for a roundabout, but base it on real evidence ie. traffic assessments not anecdotal evidence.. As Coldstream's growth is in the the retirement cohort, not youth (witness the significant shrinkage in school aged population ), I will bet the peak traffic pressures have diminished from what they were a decade ago. There are other less costly solutions that need to be explored and better places to spend 26k than to assess the Kidston/Kal corner. Hire a couple of summer students to count cars/report accident patterns across the community as to frequency/severity and set up some automatic traffic counters. How about some cheaper creativity from our municipal staff instead of expensive consultants that jack up my taxes.

Anonymous said...

re jack up my taxes...

see above:

"I am sure that data gathered from the volunteer Citizens on Patrol speed-watch posts will support my concerns."

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