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Can someone please articulate precisely which are the issues that are females specific?

If it is daycare: families, including single fathers need that service too.

If it is clean water: well, we all need that.

If it is crime: fathers, grandfathers and sons all have an equal stake in the well-being of the female members of their families.

If it is healthcare: men have specific issues too. Privacy being one of them. Men might not want to be in a co-ed hospital room etc.

If it workplace related: there are agencies to address issues of concern to both men and women.

If it is education: the day of women being excluded from programs is a distant memory.

If it is military duty: women have been a proud part of that service as well.

I have always voted for both men and women, making my choice by who I felt could best represent me.

Each and every one of my representatives, male or female has a responsibility to attend important meetings. I can't think of a British Columbia political figure whose decisions more directly affect local politics globally than that of the office of Premier.

As a female voter, the male representatives I voted for, and who I put my trust in to express my point of view have been denied access. In denying such access, less women's voices have actually been heard.

The comment by Val Trevis: "squabble, squabble, squabble, back and forth" between the regions harks back to previous regimes.

In progressive societies reaching agreements is done through, negotiation, compromise, common sense and good old-fashioned listening.

Unfortunately Ms. Trevis has been misinformed, but this misinformation can be the basis for a push for amalgamation.
Something that I as a woman, in no way subscribe to. I love my small community, comprised of supportive neighbours. I feel safe here, and believe any important issues are addressed in a timely way without red tape.

This misinformation does not recognize the work and compromise that has been necessary to find workable solutions.

This misinformation could be completely avoided by holding inclusive meetings in which all stakeholders with a strong, natural foundation of local knowledge and the gift of historical perspective are present to lend facts to the proceedings.

I specifically chose a small community to raise my family, a small community where small issues can remain small because we know our council and are comfortable in raising our concerns. The shape of our community is determined by our own specific local knowledge and needs.

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