Thursday, March 15, 2012

Coldstream COW meeting.


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Here are a few comments left on The Coldstream Corner blogspot regarding upcoming changes made by the current council. It is a shame what is going on and how this current council is conducting itself without proper consultation from the publc...who you represent!

AnonymousMar 20, 2012 08:24 AM
This and other issues contentious issues were known about before the last election. Coldstream residents still chose to re-elect most of the previous council. Are residents just not paying attention or do they only care once things actually affect them personally? This re-zoning bylaw along with the bylaw requiring off site works for doing home improvements will negatively affect many peoples property values. The current council now meets every monday and will no doubt be bringing forth an onslaught of new bylaws to infringe on personal and property rights. But as more than one of our councillors has said on more than one occasion "if you don't like it move". Maybe next election Coldstream residents will pay attention to what is going on but for the next three years we are going to get what we deserve for being uninformed and uninterested voters!

AnonymousMar 20, 2012 11:03 AM
I own ALR land in Coldstream. I was informed and I was and still am interested - but at the expense of a great deal of time going through the municipal minutes and attending council meetings. When I speak to my fellow residents - many of whom own large parcels of agricultural land and are personally and financially affected by this agricultural plan - all I get is blank stares. People are not generally aware of the impact on their property values and their rights as landholders. This council has purposely left large numbers of people in the dark about what is going to happen here in Coldstream. Where is the Morning Star reporting on this issue? The wording of the information presented at the open house and in the ONE mail out so far is vague and confusing. This massive rezoning will affect property holders for years to come and there is ONE mail out? This is a massive change in the zoning and building regulations in Coldstream (farm home plate WILL affect building here - look it up). This is coming from the ALC in response to issues they have on the coast. Brought by the same government that gave us the HST. Small municipalities across the province are trying to pass the very same bylaws to restrict the rights of landholders who own land in the ALR. Pitt Meadows- Maple Ridge have rejected this agricultural plan not once - but twice. Their council and their farmers and landowners are able to work together. Why can we not achieve some level of co-operation from own own elected officials? It's hard enough to make a living here - without having to think your own council purposefully sets out to destroy what little you can create...

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