Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sewer Bylaw

The 2012 sewer bylaw will be finalized on Monday, January 9 at the Council meeting. For a review of what your sewer bill will be next year visit 2012 sewer. The first column is the first quarter consumption in cubic meters. Second column is the 2012 bill as is proposed by the CFO, the third column presents the proposed bill by myself. The fourth column is the current rate. The next three columns represent the unit cost of sewer of the three alternatives. Note: Gyula's plan is based on total user pay with a minimum mandatory fee of $76.00 that includes up to 20 cubic meters of sewage and a unit cost of $3.80 per cu m over 20 cu m.

For information you can express your preference on the right side poll. Your input could be useful for next year.


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