Saturday, November 26, 2011

Province to strengthen Agricultural Land Commission

Details on the improvements to theALC include:

·      Preserving Farmland: Legislation introduced today supports the ALC focusing its resources on its core functions. The legislation would place a five-year moratorium on repeat applications to the ALC.
·      Sustainable Operations: An additional $1.6 million provides the ALC with resources to transition to a more self-supporting operating model by 2013. The proposed legislation would also allow the ALC to charge service fees to augment provincial funding. The fee structure will be set by provincial regulation following consultation with producers, local governments and other stakeholders.
·      Increased Enforcement:  The Province has already increased the number of provincial government officials authorized to investigate and respond to ALR violations to approximately 30 through coordinated multi-ministry enforcement. The proposed legislation would further expand enforcement by allowing qualified officials from other government agencies and levels of government to conduct enforcement activities.
·      Strategic Governance: The recruitment of a chief executive officer (CEO) for the ALC is underway. The CEO will lead the ALC’s evolution into a sustainably structured organization. The proposed legislation would also enable the chair of the ALC to have greater oversight of regional panels to ensure fairness, transparency and consistency in the decision-making process.
·      Upgraded Information Services: Government ministries and agencies are already working to improve the ALC’s business processes and information management capacity through its online application tracking system. Upon completion, this effort will provide enhanced web services to clients through full integration with the Province’s online mapping database and interactive tools.
·      Encouraging Farming:  These changes will free up resources to allow the Province and the ALC to be more proactive in their work with local governments to encourage agriculture in their land use plans, bylaws and policies, and to promote agriculture, farm diversification and value-added processing in their communities.
  ·      A new minister’s bylaw standard: The bylaw standard provides local governments with a ready-to-use model that restricts building large residential homes in the centre of ALR lots and ensures the majority of the land is preserved for agricultural use. The resulting standard follows extensive consultation with local governments, agriculture producers, stakeholders and the general public. The standard is posted at:
The chair’s report is available at:
The proposed legislation is posted as part of Bill 19 at:

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Coldstreamer said...

A step in the right direction!!

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