Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Anonymous said...

You do good work on many issues and I commend you on that. On many other issues though you and the current council seem to be following your own agenda and not representing all of your constituents. I have heard from many people that they have felt bullied in council and spoken down to.I remember one meeting where mayor Garlick told a speaker that He really wasn't entitled to his opinion because he hadn't lived here long enough..Really, is that any way to run a government. Lets hope that when most of you get back in you try to listen to all sides and give everyone the benefit of voicing their opinion. I don't think this community can survive four more years of "it's our way or the highway" arrogance!

Coldstreamer said...

When one makes a decision on behalf of the community there are always people who disagree with the outcome.

There are people who want to have expanded boat trailer parking and there are those who object to having the enjoyment of their property disrupted by heavy traffic in front of their homes. Obviously, a decision has to be made. Personally, I tried to mitigate the problem by supporting expanded boat launch facilities at Kekuli Bay. Some people liked the solution, some did not. I have a feeling that your major problem was with that decision. If I am wrong, forgive me. When a message is anonymous one just guesses at the author.

I feel my conduct was always in favour of the majority of the community. The community will judge my performance at the November election. They will not be able to judge the anonymous commentator.

Anonymous said...

The greater good of of the whole community is Mayor and Council's first responsibilty.

Anonymous said...

About 66% of the voters chose Jim Garlick. Clearly, most people felt that neither he, nor council had an 'agenda.' Nor did the majority feel that he came across as 'arrogant.' The Coldstream community can be proud to have such a level headed, wise politician willing to take on the hard issues of the day AND be fiscally responsible. Repair and rebuild infrastructure first, build a sustainable community, grow a healthier agricultural base, build a healthier community with bike paths... How about the other guy? Full speed ahead 'development' from the other guy. Now, Who had the 'agenda'?

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