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Coldstream Council meeting -- June 13, 2011

Agenda Package (80 pages).



L Pearson said...

On may 24th you put forth motion NO.REG2011-238

Moved by Kiss, seconded by Enns,
THAT Greater Vernon Parks, Recreation and Culture be requested
to fully investigate'the impact of each of the recommendations, as
presented in the Draft Report titled, "Boat Launch Study Kalamalka
Lake and Okanagan Lake, April 2011", on all stakeholders and USCI'
groups of both lakes prior to their implementation.
No. REG2011-238 CARRIED

Ther should be no discussion of paid parking at tonights council meeting as it is one of the recommendations put forth by the boat launch study and according to your motion is to be fully investigated by greater Vernon Parks and recreation before it or any other recommendations be acted on.

Thank you for your help in this matter

Coldstreamer said...

Council generally discusses issues put forward to GVAC in order to get consensus on Council's position to guide the Directors' vote. For instance, we may discuss if local boaters should have a discount on parking fees.

Lorne Pearson said...

That would be nice but my main concern with pay parking is the delay it may cause when launching at Kalavista. It may prove to add minutes to a launch which is already taking longer because of the distance between the launch and the parking lot. What if there is a problem with the machine or a line to get a ticket, all this will do is back up more traffic onto the road and make the launch even worse. Will enough money be collected to offset the maintenace and servicing of the ticket machine not to mention the initial cost to install it. I know that services cost money to keep up but our taxes go towards parking and we can't even park our trucks and trailers on any roads close to the launch. If motorized boating had been included in the study as I requested perhaps we would not have wasted $40,000 on a survey that Coldstream will not use.We may have come up with some better solutions or alternatives to the Kalavista launch.

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