Sunday, July 11, 2010

Water issues - reminder.

Just a quick note to remind you all that even if your water is coloured yellow (as if Snoopy paid a visit) it still costs you $1.10 a cubic meter so be frugal. Come to think of it if you don't use enough water then the utility will have to raise your rates to ensure we get your money anyway. Subsidies are for recreation only!!

I am taking the next three days off so the blog will probably be idle for the time being (unless I can find a computer in Vancouver). Back on Wednesday!



Anonymous said...

The highly publicized cubic meter rate of $1.10 is a misnomer. I am appalled at the mixed message GV Water (or whatever the hell the name is these days) is giving it's customers/ratepayers. $50+ per quarter per customer! Oh, but that includes the first 20 cubic meters. That's $2.50 per cubic meter.

Messages of conservation? That's BULL! A rate scheme like this only subsidizes those users who use the most. Think about it, with a base rate like that (remember, it used to be $9!), your cost will slowly get "down" to the rate of $1.10 if you use more and more.

Hogwash. I am so ticked at this ridiculous game of numbers; it's smoke and mirrors at best. Flat meter rate, that's all it should be. I don't want to be penalized any more for "conserving". This is backwards thinking. At least GV Water could have the guts to say they're simply guaranteeing revenue streams by charging an astronomical base rate much like ICBC does with their insurance. Both are monopolies and both play with our wallets like criminals.

Coldstreamer said...

I fully agree with most of the previous comments. I have been trying to change minds but so far I was only able to have Coldstream Council to agree. We need more progressive approach. Higher users must pay higher rates similar to that of Kelowna.

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