Thursday, March 4, 2010

Regional district approves water rate increase -- Richard Rolke

Greater Vernon residents can’t avoid higher water bills.

North Okanagan Regional District directors unanimously approved an across-the-board nine per cent water rate increase Wednesday.

“The reality is we have a $4 million bust,” said director Mike Macnabb of a shortfall facing the utility.

“There was an established plan to increase rates and it was artificially held back. Now we have to pay the piper.”

Macnabb added that the funds will go towards improved service for customers.

“If we compare our rates to other places, they are reasonable.”

Under the new rate formula, 20 cubic metres of consumption will be included in the quarterly base fee at a rate of 92 cents per cubic metre.

A new rate specifically for summer (July to September) is also being proposed. It would go from 92 cents per cubic metre to $1.10.

“We were told that the increase is needed for the Duteau Creek treatment plant debt and operation of the plant,” said director Doug Dirk.

“Also, future capital issues are coming up and the increase is needed because reserves have been exhausted.”

Dirk admits that higher rates will hit residents in the wallet.

“There may be more people not watering their lawn,” he said.

And if that occurs, there could be negative implications for the utility.

A reduction in consumption could lead to a drop in revenue which means rates may have to rise even further.


Let's visit our largest neighbour and see what their water rates are:

Kelowna Water Rates

Effective August 16 2009

Water Regulation Bylaw 2173

Monthly flat rate $6.22

Variable monthly consumption charge

First 30 cubic metres $0.246 ------>$ 7.38 maximum (360 cubic meters $160.70/yr)
Next 50 cubic metres $0.324------->$16.20 maximum
Next 45 cubic metres $0.491------->$22.10 maximum
Total (if 125 cubic meters are consumed)-->$45.68 maximum

Average (of 125 cubic meters) $0.36544/m3

Consumption in excess of 125 cubic metres $0.983
Black Mountain Irrigation District 2009 Domestic Toll Rates:

Residential -------------->$31.00 per month
Residential with Suite -------------->$49.50 per month
Multi-Family – Medium Density (Each duplex, triplex, four-plex)$29.25 per unit per month
Multi-Family – High Density (Incl. Apartments, Townhouses) $26.00 per unit per month

Glenmmore-Ellison Improvement District 2010 Water Rates
Residential Customers

2010 Water billings are issued quarterly with an option to prepay the year. Customers are billed on a per unit basis at a flat rate charge of $96.00 per quarter per unit plus an additional water tax levy, depending on the size of the property, based on the District's assessment of the property as follows:

Quarterly billing for properties up to 1/3 of an acre - $96.00 per unit plus $8.85 irrigation tax for a total of $104.85.

Rutland Waterworks

The Trustees of the Rutland Waterworks District Enact the Following:

1. For purposes of this bylaw, “QUARTERLY” means a three (3) month period, consisting of ninety (90) days.

2. That effective the 1st day of January, 2009 the following domestic water toll rates shall apply:
(a) Single Dwellings $40.08 per QUARTER for the first 15,000 gallons ($.594/m3);
$1.28 per thousand for the next 24,000 gallons; ($.284/m3);
$1.43 per thousand for the next 30,000 gallons; ($.318/m3);
$1.91 per thousand gallons thereafter ($.424/m3).
Southeast Kelowna Irrigation District Taxes and Tolls (Bylaws 627 and 630)

1. For the year 2009 there is hereby levied the following taxes:

(a) A tax at the rate of $63.00 per acre or minimum of $63.00 per parcel on all Grade “A” Lands.

(b) A tax at the rate of $63.00 per acre or minimum of $63.00 per parcel on all Grade “B” Lands.

17. Metered Rates

Any service charged a metered rate will be billed monthly for water service.

Monthly metered rate:

$2.18 per 1,000 US gallons ($.574/m3)

Minimum monthly rate: $33.25 ($399)

Due 21 calendar days after date of billing


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