Sunday, October 13, 2013

Amalgamation or Unification?


I am sure the Reverend Moon would approve the new strategy were he alive. Apparently, mass marriages were one of his favourite ceremonies. The major question is: if we now go from the Amalgamation policy to the Unification policy, would we have to start collecting signatures anew? Obviously, those who signed up for Amalgamation may not agree with the new policy of Unification. Its not an easy job to deal with policies, just ask the US politicians!



Anonymous said...

Reverend Moon? It sounds more like Reverand James Jones had all the politicians in this area drinking the blue koolaid! What were they thinking by restructuring parks and upping our already too high parks budget. A 20% increase during tough economic times is insane! An increase of almost a half a million dollars which will add up over the years is way too much. I guess we can thank Coldstream for initiating this restructuring as they seem to like to spend a lot of money on consultants when they have they're staff in place already. Amalgamation has got to be better than the Circus we have in place now!

Coldstreamer said...

Check your facts Anonymous. Coldstream did not start this review and only joined in to see if the service could be streamlined for all concerned.

If there is a projected significant increase in costs I will not support the changes.

By the way, the new word is not "Amalgamation" it's "Unification". We should unify the two definitions!

Anonymous said...

Love this free-form intuitive policy process. The entertainment factor is undeniable.

More please. Stable government is such a yawn.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this article which appeared in the Vernon Morning Star dec 5th 2012 which states that Coldstream initiated it,they fought for it and they were the first to sign it..........unless the paper didn't check their facts perhaps you should check yours better.

Coldstream inks new parks pact

By Jennifer Smith - Vernon Morning Star
Published: December 05, 2012 1:00 AM
Updated: December 05, 2012 6:16 AM
They initiated it, they fought for it and now they are the first to sign it.

With the long-awaited restructuring of parks coming into play, Coldstream is the first partner to ratify the memorandum of understanding for a new parks service.

The agreement will see care and control of local parks be handed over to the area jurisdiction. For example, Coldstream will regain the Kalavista boat launch, Middleton Mountain Park and Lavington Park, which were previously managed by the Regional District of North Okanagan and maintained by Vernon under contract.

Meanwhile some larger parks, such as Kal Beach, will become sub-regional parks, under RDNO.

“It makes a lot more sense,” said Mayor Jim Garlick, who initiated the debate back in 2009 following frustrations over the current parks model. “We’ll be better in the end.”

Coun. Pat Cochrane adds: “It’s not the agreement I thought we’d end up with but I’m impressed with what we did end up with.”

Anonymous said...

Hard to take a petition seriously with so many duplicate names and anonymous "supporters".

Out of fifty votes on pg 25 of the petition (Oct 13-15) there are 10 anonymous voters, 1 "person" voting twice, 1 "person" voting 3 times, and a third "person" voting 4 times.

One would expect higher quality control coming from a group that has much to say about the quality of governance I happen to enjoy as a Coldstream residence.

The number of "voters" at the time of this writing is 1250. This number needs to be adjusted to reflect actual "voters".

The errors on the petition have existed for weeks, very poor form.

Anonymous said...

Now that the issues have been somewhat clarified with respect to what the actual efficiencies would be (nil + more development + higher taxes, how does one remove their name from the petition?

Anonymous said...

If Greater Vernon existed when the push for a Sports Complex on prime Coldstream bottom land (Spicer Block Coldstream Ranch), there can be no doubt that the verdant farm land would have fallen victim to regional pressure to meet sports and recreational "needs".

We enjoy this agricultural resource because the new Coldstream Mayor and Council protected it from being paved over.

The previous scenario will be ever so in a Greater Vernon model. Coldstreamer's voices will effectively be diminished if not muted.

Anonymous said...

It will be curious to see how long that land stays farmland and is not overtaken by residential buildings

Anonymous said...

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