Friday, November 1, 2013

Campaign tally starts

By Roger Knox - Vernon Morning Star
Published: November 01, 2013 1:00 AM

The numbers are now being tabulated.

Thursday was the wrap-up of the Society for the Future Governance of Greater Vernon’s campaign to have a question about a provincial review of the  local governance structure included in next year’s municipal election ballots.

“We’re collecting the petitions now,” said society representative Bruce Shepherd Thursday.

“We’ve got to go through the lists to make sure the signatures are squeaky clean.”

Shepherd expect his organization will work evenings and through the weekend to have official numbers ready for Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

He would not speculate on how many signatures have been received.

“We need to know the breakdown of Vernon, Coldstream and (electoral areas) B and C numbers,” said Shepherd.

“Total-wise, I think we’re good. If you look at the turnouts for the last few elections, for what we did I think we have a good turnout compared to those.”

The society launched in September with a goal of discussing among the citizens of Vernon, Coldstream and regional district Electoral Areas B and C the intent to improve the governance of these areas.

The petition question was: “As a citizen of Greater Vernon, I support a review by local and provincial authorities to develop a plan to combine our regional governments (City of Vernon, District of Coldstream, Electoral Area B, and Electoral Area C) into a single entity, for the purpose of more efficient use of our local tax dollars.”

The group has a meeting with Vernon-Monashee MLA Eric Foster to discuss the petition and the next step in its process slated for next week.

As a good citizen of Coldstream I am providing some assistance in tabulating the results of the internet portion of the petition.

There were a total of 1,623 signatures. Of these 258 were Anonymous, 141 multiple signatures ranging from 2-10 and 21 with given names only. Assuming that the other signatories met the rigorous standards of the petition (age, citizenship, etc.) in my estimation there are a total of about 1,275 legitimate signatures collected through the internet. Just a bit short of the 2,500 goal.

A complete alphabetical list of the signatories are available at the following link in a PDF format. The first number in the columns is the sign in number. Next column is the name. Column 3 indicates multiple signatures, column 4 designates Anonymous signature and the last column indicates given name only. The name Air Head could be real or could be a joke. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

You are the saint/savior? of Coldstream for doing this Gyula!

Anonymous said...

Gotta luv #564 "No Thank You"

Anonymous said...

"Shepherd expect his organization will work evenings and through the weekend to have official numbers"

"Official" according to whom? A lawyer, a notary???

Anonymous said...

No Coldstream Councillors......just one's spouse!

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