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Anonymous said...

The central location of the Coldstream Public Works Yard is both its strength and its weakness. Most of the population of Coldstream is at the west end, and therefore the yard in its current location has proximity to the greatest number of people requiring services such as snow removal. This saves time, fuel, wear and tear on vehicles, and other associated costs, not to mention lower carbon emissions.

Apart from safety and environmental issues, the current works yard is an eyesore and a blemish on the Cenotaph Park and Women's Institute.

If the new structures conform with the rural character of Coldstream, and landscaping is provided to screen and soundproof the yard the new works buildings would be a positive additon to the Town Centre. It's all in the planning. Imagination is key.

Although on a scale not appropriate for this community, Granville Island Public Market has at least one lesson to be learned: street planning has allowed pedestrians and cyclists to safely negotiate the thoroughfares which contributes to the relaxed atmosphere.

The speed limit ought to be reduced through the Town Centre even when school is not in session. Future businesses might operate at night and a reduced speed would make it safer for pedestrians.

The Market successfully marries a diverse group of users: non-profit organizations, industrial, manufacturing and service businesses. Gritty industrial manufacturers are a short walk from flower vendors and artisans. The motto of the Market is: "live, work, shop, and play".

The following industrial companies are tenants on Granville Island:

"Ocean Concrete is the oldest and largest tenant on Granville Island. The goal of Granville Island is to maintain a mixed-use look and feel of “live, work, shop, play and learn”. Ocean is proud to be a part of this dynamic community and works hard to be a good neighbour by being involved in the community and supporting the Arts."

"Micon is one of Granville Island’s oldest tenants; they’ve been around since 1915! Originally known as Spear and Jackson, they adopted the name Micon in 1962 and have continued to manufacture industrial materials such as screws and drill bits in their workshop on Cartwright Street. Take a look in the window and watch as workers bang on red hot metal or temper it in air, water, or oil."

ARA SAFETY "As a producer of powerful, non-toxic, environmentally friendly fire suppression, prevention and emergency systems technology, Ara Safety is at the forefront of the most significant advances in fire and life safety in centuries."

Anonymous said...

Makes good sense. Proper planning, drainage, berms, etc. should address the environmental concerns and landscaping with hedgerows of mixed shrubs & small trees like in England would improve both the aesthetics and habitat. Please, just not more rocks and grass clumps posing as friendly alternatives to good planning.

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