Saturday, July 15, 2017

UPDATE: Nighthawk fire renamed Okanagan Centre Fire grows to 30 hectares

 Kelowna   posted July 15, 2017 by   KelownaNow Staff

(UPDATE: July 15th @ 8:30 p.m.)- The Nighthawk fire has been renamed the Okanagan Centre Fire.

Wildfire BC is supporting the local Lake Country Fire Department fight the Okanagan Centre Fire.

Currently the fire has grown to 30 hectares in size.

There are 11 fixed winged aircrafts, one helicopter and ground crews on the scene.

It is showing rank three fire behaviour, meaning it's a larger surface fire that might see some candling into the trees.

It's located between McKinley Landing and Lake Country.

Structures are threatened.

There is no cause as of yet.

Strong winds is increasing the fire activity. (read more)



Anonymous said...

Kalamalka Lake Park was very quiet this morning, it worries me that not many eyes are there to watch the park.

I found this on twitter, I wonder if other people are seeing the same thing, and if any patrols of the park have started due to the fire hazard:

cebox Runner‏

Still amazes me the number of snapper heads smoking in #KalamalkaPark today. Fires everywhere and they are above it all😡🚭#vernonbc

Anonymous said...

re Wildfire: I feel insecure in my home, and unable to truly relax.

I am ready to evacuate, but there are things I have built which can not be moved or replaced. I accept that.

What I having difficulty accepting is that Kelowna has been proactive and closed 16 parks, while we do nothing. What will it take?

The inconvenience of having Kalamalka Lake Park closed, is a small sacrifice when considering the scorched barrens that will be the legacy of our inaction after the park is incinerated.

Local traffic and members of outdoor clubs could be easily accommodated, they have everything to lose if the park explodes in flame.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Smoking 'ban' is inadequate. Who is watching, issuing fines, PATHETIC.

PARKS NEEDS PRESSURE PUT ON THEM - but maybe they are in a sulk over opposition to road widening. :(

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