Sunday, September 18, 2016

GVWU - Duteau Creek Water Level - September 15,2016

The following information is important when viewing the above graph:
                 Maximum reservoir capacity is 18,300 ML/y - most years full capacity is achieved;
                 Annual agricultural consumption is between 7,000-8,000 ML/y;
                 System is designed for 17,000 ML annual consumption.    

I remember my mother telling me to eat all the food on my plate because some people in the World are starving. I never understood the logic of such reasoning. How could cleaning up my plate help the starving millions? 

Similarly, excessive saving of water when there is plenty of it in our reservoirs is not going to help other users who are not connected to our system. Using reasonable amounts of water would keep our properties a little greener, reduce our per cubic meter rates (getting more water for the same price) and keep ratepayers happier. Conserved water will not stay here: it goes down to the ocean (some of it through Lumby with undesirable consequences at times). 

Obviously, when there is a shortage, conservation is important. That is why GVWU developed a Drought Management Plan to ensure conservation is enforced when it needs to be enforced.


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